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Our teacher told us to write a review of our English lesson. So today I'm gonna tell you about my English lessons. First of all, I want to talk about my teacher Mrs. Irina. I think she is very kind, I like the fact that she always pays attention to all students. She tries to listen to everyone and makes the lesson interesting for all the students. She joins all of us together, no matter how different we all are. I think she can put herself in the place of those who find learning hard and makes the language easy for them. So I love my English Teacher. I can say for sure that our lessons are fun, which is the most important part of the learning process, from my point of view. I like when we talk in our lessons, express our thoughts. I agree that learning new languages affect people brain's so well. It changes your brain, so it makes your smarter. I think that we are different when we are speaking in different languages. Which is quite amazing and unbelievable. I think it's quite sad, that you can not communicate with a lot of people, just because you don't use the same language every day. I find it easy to learn a new language, I think 6 months enough for being in the intermediate level of that language. I don't think that during this semester I've worked much, I wasn't active in lessons, I don't know why. But, I worked at home, I have done all the tasks. You can see all my posts on my blog. Everything that we do at school or at home I post(besides exercises). So here are they.
What is my favorite place to visit on weekends?
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Sentences 2
A 15-year-old who is caught drinking and smoking
What do you miss most about your home when you are away? Use specific details in your explanation.
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Stereotypes about Ukraine
Trip to Syunik
Why go to University
Swinging Bridge in Khndzoresk
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