Stereotypes about Ukrainе

 People who associate Ukraine with Russia believe it's very cold there. This is one of the stereotypes about Ukraine. But it's not quite like that. Degrease Temperature There, of course, happens, but only in winter. And on the south bank of Crimea, the temperature and winter does not fall below zero.

• There are rumors that Ukrainians consume too much alcohol. It's not quite like that either. Indeed, such a phenomenon exists, but among a certain circle of the population, mostly in small towns and villages, where there is a lack of jobs, which leads to a low level of life. If compare the level of alcohol consumption with the countries of the world (litres per person per year), it is already definitely not Ukraine standing in the first place!

• There is also a stereotype that Ukrainians consume too much sala, and that salo is hardly the main dish on the table of ordinary Ukrainians! Perhaps once it was, as the tradition of consumption of sala is something like the addiction of Italians to pasta! Ukraine is an agrarian country and once cultivation of pigs was very popular in every rural family. Today, youth are increasingly advocating a healthy lifestyle, and the consumption of sala cannot be considered a national sport, so many teenagers do not eat salo at all.

• Another stereotype about Ukraine, similarity or even same of languages. The Ukrainian language has as much in common with the Russian language as, for example, English language with Dutch (37-38 % differences in vocabulary).

• Many foreigners think that Ukrainians are constantly each other fighting (especially those who do not understand Ukrainian). Also many think they are often too quiet talking.

• My opinion. On the internet, I didn't find the information that the Russians and Ukrainians are very similar. But I know a lot of people think so. Myself I don't think so. For me, Ukrainians are insanely kind and hospitable. And their language is the most beautiful language ever.


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