Swinging Bridge in Khndzoresk

in 2012, only two years after the opening of the Tatev cableway, another equally electrifying and memorable journey was created for you in the scenic Syunik Region. Only 30 kilometers from Tatev, a suspension bridge connects old Khndzoresk with new Khndzoresk. As you read on, you will realize that this is not an ordinary bridge nor is it an ordinary village!

The bridge was inspired by a local entrepreneur's passion to showcase a truly unique Armenian village. His goal was to preserve the village's past, and, for future generations to discover their roots. The suspension bridge is a work of love by the people of the village. It was built by the villagers with their own hands, and horses, without modern machinery. It spans 160 meters across the most rugged, yet scenic gorge one could imagine. It's worth stopping along the way to catch your breath and take amazing pictures of the cliffside dwellings.

That's right, people lived on these cliffs for many centuries. It wasn't until the mid-twentieth century that Soviet officials declared the caves uncivilized and forced the villagers to relocate themselves. Many villagers relocated to new Khndzoresk or moved elsewhere. The caves or krataker are naturally formed and man-made.
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