Trip to Syunik

Four days ago, a group of students and I went to Syunik. We spent there 3 days. We had been planning that trip for two weeks. So finally, that day came, on Friday we left at 8 a.m. and arrived at around 12 am. We divided into groups, some of us climbed the mountain Ishkhanasar, and the others returned.  When the students who climbed the mountain returned we went to Kornidzhor. As soon as we arrived home  we had supper. Then we played Mafia, when we finished the game, we slept. The second day started with Aksel Bakunc's home-museum. His home was very beautiful. Then we went to Khndzoresk. I think, that it was the most awaited place for everybody because there is a swinging bridge . I wasn't afraid to walk on it.  The view from the bridge was very beautiful. When we were on the bridge it started raining, so we rushed and returned home, had dinner and then we started to talk and play games.  The 3rd day we woke up very early as we had to return and started to tidy our room. Then we had breakfast. After having breakfast we went to Kornidzhor's school, talked with their students, danced and walked around the village with them. It was already 12 a.m, so we had to move, we went to Tatev. Then we went to Shaki waterfall, I think it was the most beautiful place, we visited during our trip. 
I want to thank all my teachers for this unforgettable trip <3


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