Trip to Italy

First of all, I would like to mention, that our journey consisted of 6 cities. In the morning of July 10 we started our way to Tbilisi, we determined to stay there for a night, since we were very tired. Next morning we continued our way to Kutaisi since our flight was from that town. Because of some aspects, we reached to the airport very soon, so we had to waste 5 hours there. In the afternoon of July 10, we finally arrived in Rome. We were very exhausted, however the fact that we would lose some hours in Rome was not appealing to us. Thus, we went to the Trevi Fountain. It is one of the most eminent showplaces in Rome. As far as I know, the government of Italy gets thousands of dollars from Trevi daily. The other sight, we resolved to attend was  Colosseum. Though it was very arousing curiosity place, we determined not to enter, since it was a waste of time. What I would like especially identify in Rome is nature, I was really amazed, there were so many trees and flowers in the centre of Rome. After staying there for 3 days, we resumed our way to Florence. To be honest, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. The architecture of Florence is very similar to Rome’s architecture, anyway, I liked Florence more. Not far from Florence is the city of Pisa, so we hired a car and drove there. Pisa has a very interesting sight, it is Pisa’s tower, which might fall in a few years. We stayed in Florence for 5 days and then we went to Milan. Milan has the most beautiful Dumo in the world. The architecture of Milan differs from Florence and Rome very much. After staying in Milan for 3 days we returned to Georgia. We went to Chekvetili since we were very tired because of daily walks in Italy. Nothing absorbing happened there, we were relaxing spending time at the beach. Our journey finished on 29 July, when we came back to Yerevan.


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