The director of the hotel greeted us very well and we were very pleased.
If I see my friend I will tell her about the meeting.
If the rain doesn’t stop, we will not be able to go for a walk.
No one can translate this text, can they?
We had to hurry, because the meeting had already started.
What were you discussing with Tom, when I entered?
Ann’s mom was sure, that her daughter would pass all the exams well.
I would join you, if I was informed.
If you don’t come on time, we will go without you.
Nobody wants to speak with her about that, do they?
She will be allowed to go abroad.
What happened yesterday whey you were having dinner?
What happened to little Johnny when he was crossing the street.
If you agree to what I say nod your head 3 times.
If you didn’t drive so fast the policeman wouldn’t stop you.


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