Types of questions

Alternative question

Were you cooking or cleaning when your dad came?
Do you prefer pizza or sushi?
Will come or not to school tomorrow?
Will I buy a book or dress for Ann?
Have they come here by air or by bus?

Special question

To whom Mary is very grateful?
To what the children can be taught.
How many costumers bought things at high prices.
How long he had to wait her?
What did they select?

Disjunctive or Tag question

I want to go to school, don't I?
She can sing well, can't she.
She speaks hardly, does she?
They have much in common, don't they?
I'm not eating right now, aren't I?

General question

Will this book be published soon?
Must she do her work before the TV show starts?
Can I not go there today?
Will you come there with me tomorrow?
Do you think, that I must speak to her again?


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