English (homework)

Make up sentences using the following tenses/Present Simple, Present Cont. Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Cont. Past Perfect/ 5 sentences each.

Present Simple
She wants to find a good job for her.
My teacher always says, that I'm very smart.
Everyone wants to be popular.
She thinks, that she will become a doctor, but it won't happen.
His lessons start at 9:00 o'clock.

Present Continuous
I'm going to the cinema with my brother now.
She is trying to enter the room.
My father is speaking to me right now, but I don't wanna listen to him.
We are eating pizza at the moment.
They are showing us their new cars.

Present Perfect
I haven't been to Italy for 5 years and I want to go back there.
She hasn't decided her profession yet, but she thinks, that it will be based on Math, as it's her favorite subject.
I haven't met her since we were children.
Have you ever been to France?
She has already done all her homework.

Past Simple
She went there 5 days ago.
We decided to not go there,
She said to me, that wanted to become an actress.
Did you go to the school yesterday?
He didn't want to come here, but his friend said, that he had to come.

Past Continuous
When she entered the room, she saw that I was cooking.
While he was sleeping, I was watching TV.
I was studying, when she called.
When she went to his friend's home, she saw that her friends were talking about her.
She was crying, because she wasn't happy.

Past Perfect
When I came home, I saw that my mother had cleaned my room.
I had done my homework.
She said, that her parents had gone to London.
I went to the London, because I hadn't been there for many years.
I had never spoken to her.


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